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Stock Options Trading - Anthony Swing

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Do you want to try options trading but you are afraid of taking a risk?

Would you like to understand what's going on with the stock options market?

If you answered yes to this two simple questions, then keep listening!

You will learn the following topics:

Options trading sounds mysterious and complicated but the reality is its pretty simple and you just need someone to explain you. So, we're going to start this book by explaining the basic of what an option really is and how they are used to earn profits. Of course, all investing carries risk and that includes options trading. But one of the best things about options is they require relatively small amount of capital to get started. So, you can experience some losses without causing any devastation.

And if you are careful, you can avoid losses most of the time.

With this book, you will be in possession of the knowledge that is required to help you confidently start trading options to earn a consistent income every month; with your newfound knowledge, you must be raring to go. The hands-on experience you will gather in this period will make you a much better trader even before you risk a single dollar or whichever currency you trade in the market.

Learning is a never-ending process, and once you become a confident trader, you would most likely want to learn and experiment even more strategies. Its objective is giving you enough knowledge, tools and confidence to venture into the world of Options Trading.

All the very best in your days ahead as a successful option trader.

You will learn the following topics:


  • Current market situation
  • Identify the market extremes
  • What are the technical indicators
  • How to start with stocks
  • What is an option?
  • The two types of options
  • Reason for volatility 
  • How to make money with your options
  • And many more!

Even if you are a beginner at all about stock market, this guide will get you started investing and trading the right way.

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