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Zego Fruit Bars

by Hubba
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Our Mission is to Give You Peace of Mind In 2019, ZEGO became the indisputable leader in the clean food movement by becoming the first ever brand testing for glyphosate and over 400 chemicals, allergens & gluten, and reporting the results to customers through a QR code found on every ZEGO package. Today's shoppers are demanding more features in their snacks than ever before--free of top allergens, gluten free, low sugar, plant-based, high fiber, paleo, and clean ingredients. They are also demanding transparency. ZEGO also provides the best flavor and texture in each category and meets nearly every special diet need from allergies to low sugar, to paleo to vegan, which broadens the customer base for our products and improves the sell through. ZEGO stands for “Zest on the Go.” We carefully craft our recipes from delicious, nourishing seeds and fruit and source our fruit from U.S. farms, which is why they burst with juicy flavor. We offer both organic and non-GMO certified options. ZEGO makes glyphosate free, allergy friendly nutrition bars, Mix-Ins, Muesli, Oats and Protein Powder. The latter three will become available to a limited number of retailers in Spring 2019 with full rollout in Fall 2019. ZEGO is proud to join the likes of Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s and 2200 other companies world-wide as a certified B Corp, recognizing our work to clean our supply chain from soil to table and to improve nutrition for low-income kids. We are proud to join these companies in redefining commercial success, so that one day very business will be a force for good.

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