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Herbalism at Home by:Kristine Brown

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Natural remedies made easy—an at-home guide to herbalism

A growing number of people have turned to herbalism as an affordable, natural alternative to conventional medicine—and with a rich landscape of resources, those new to herbalism may wonder where to start. Herbalism at Home gives you the down-to-earth guidance and simple recipes you need to introduce plant-based remedies into your daily life.

Start your path with an overview of the types of herbalism remedies, like teas, tinctures, salves, creams, and poultices. Discover in-depth profiles on 40 healing plants, including their medicinal properties, health benefits, and appropriate dosage—as well as 125 recipes for common physical ailments, mental health, personal care, childhood conditions, and even aging.

Herbalism at Home includes:

  • Herbal pantry—Take a look at the evolution of herbalism, the tools and ingredients you’ll need, and tips on growing your own herbs.
  • Plan ahead—Get to know techniques, like infusion, diffusion, and syrup—each with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations.
  • Everyday healing—Ease everyday ailments with step-by-step recipes for Cuts and Scrapes Salve, Laryngitis Relief Honey, Memory Support Tonic, and more.

Take healing into your own hands with Herbalism at Home, the all-in-one recipe and reference guide.

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