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Jade Bliss - Herbal Smokes

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Breathe in essence and breathe out peace with our herbal pre-rolls. The practice of burning plants and smoking herbs has been an old practice for the use of ceremonial rituals, spiritual customs, health practices, and recreational purposes. It is even said that smoking herbs were thought to create “magic” in ancient times, connecting breath to spirit to bring about manifestations.

This botanical blend was specifically formulated to:

* Improve respiratory function

* Provide euphoric and mild sedative effects

* Calm nerves and reduce anxiety

* Stimulate and enhance mood

* Increase libido

* Enhance intuition and consciousness

Herbal smokes are commonly used as a tobacco replacement for people looking to stop smoking nicotine altogether. It’s are a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes because it doesn’t contain nicotine, tobacco, or any other additive chemicals. 100% vegan, 100% legal, 100% blissful.

Pre-rolls are wrapped in FSC Certified 100% organic hemp. Approved under FDA standards for food-grade paper and environmentally friendly designed for a slow even burn.

Smoking blend contains: Organic Mullein, Damiana, Egyptian Blue Lily, Rose, and Sage.

Package contains 6 pre-rolls

Herbal smoke aroma: Earthy, slightly floral herbally with a warm touch of woody sweet undertones.

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