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Wealth The Re-Rock

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All of us should be working towards being wealthy for ourselves and our loved ones. While this journey is easier for some, for many it’s something that’ll never be realized. Its estimated that the average African American family will have zero savings in the future. The millennial generation is slated to become the first generation to pass on debt to their children. And while hip hop, and sports and entertainment are producing more millionaires than ever before, the average entertainer is said to go broke within a decade of retiring. It is a shock to know there’s still communities of people hustling backwards in this world of opportunity. WEALTH introduces personal finance to the hip hop culture in a concise, relatable way. Wealth addresses: What is wealth? Why is it important? How to overcome fear when pursuing wealth? Adopting healthy financial habits? An introduction to budgeting, assets, liabilities, and balance sheets. Most of all, Wealth introduces practices to get on, stay on, and grow financially. Building from the original "Wealth" released in 2017, "The Re-Rock" goes more in-depth into original concepts.

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